At Stairwell we are on a mission to Outsmart Any Attacker.

The Team

  • Mike Wiacek

    CEO and Founder

  • Jan Kang

    COO and General Counsel

  • Tyler King

    Hiring and Culture Czar

  • Andrew Allen

    Engineering Lead

  • Daniel Muller

    Software Engineer

  • Ian Gudger

    Software Engineer

  • David Wyrobnik

    Software Engineer

  • Andy Liu

    Software Engineer

  • Paul Scott

    Head of Product

  • Mike Wayne


  • Anna Tiss

    People Operations Specialist

  • Teja Ambati

    Software Engineer

  • Chris Leyva

    Design Lead

  • Katherine Kireeva

    Software Engineer

  • Dylan Dow

    Technical Writer

  • Michael Trinh

    Software Engineer

  • Valerie Volcere

    Executive Assistant

  • Steve Miller

    Sr. Researcher

  • Dixie Fisher

    Product Marketing

  • Mike Wilusz

    Solutions Engineering




United States